Tour de France

Tour de France

The biggest sporting event in France

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The summer begins with the sporting event that gathers millions of viewers. The start of the Tour de France in July. Watch live whilst socking up the sun and of course going back to your luxury accommodation! 

Following the Tour de France

The caravan is a bit like the entry into the Tour de France. Sponsors and companies that sustain the race show with vehicles, some more special than others. You will sense the real carnival feel with the Tour the France with music and festival passes. The carvane are ahead of the runners by 60 to 90 minutes and get the public ready for them passing. 

Saturday 2 july - Mont Saint-Michel – Utah Beach

Camping Les Vikings

Camping Domaine des Ormes

Vakantiepark Les Hauts de la Houle

Camping La Ville Huchet

Camping Port’Land

Camping La Vallée

Sunday 3 july – Saint Lô – Cherbourg-Octeville

Camping Les Vikings

Camping Port’Land

Monday  4 july – Granville - Angers

Camping Domaine des Ormes

Camping La Ville Huchet

Vakantiepark Les Hauts de la Houle

Camping Les Plages de Loire

Thuesday 5 july – Saumur - Limoges

Camping Les Plages de Loire

Thursday 7 july - Arpajon-sur-Cère – Montauban

Camping du Lac

Camping L’Eau Vive

Vakantiepark Le Lac Bleu

Vakantiepark Saint Martial

Vakantiepark Les Hameaux des Lacs

Friday 8 july – L’Isle-Jourdain – Lac de Payolle

Camping Lac de Thoux

Camping Château Le Haget

Saturday 9 july – Pau – Bagnères-de-Luchon

Camping Château Le Haget

Sunday 10 july – Vielha – Arcalis

Camping Le Pré Lombard

Thuesday  12 july – Andorra – Revel

Camping Le Pré Lombard

Wednesday 13 july – Carcassonne – Montpellier

Vakantiepark Port Minervois

Vakantiepark Côté Canal

Camping Ensoya

Vakantiepark Les Ayguades

Vakantiepark Domaine d’Enserune

Camping Domaine de la Yole

Camping Mas des Lavandes

Camping Le Sérignan-Plage

Vakantiepark Les Tamaris

Camping Les Sablons

Camping Cayola

Camping Le Petit Mousse

Camping Domaine de la Dragonnière

Camping L’Air Marin

Camping Les Sables d’Or

Vakantiepark Cap Pirate

Vakantiepark Marina Resort

Vakantiepark Les Pescalunes

Vakantiepark Les Lauriers Roses

Camping Les 7 Fonts

Vakantiepark Mas des Cigales

Camping Beach Garden

Camping Nouvelle Floride

Vakantiepark La Grenadine

Camping Le Castellas

Camping L’Europe

Vakantiepark Domaine du Golf

Vakantiepark Presqu’Ile du Ponant

Palavas Camping

Camping La Marine

Camping Bon Port

Thursday 14 july – Montpellier – Mont-Ventoux

Vakantiepark Domaine du Golf

Vakantiepark Presqu’Ile du Ponant

Palavas Camping

Camping La Marine

Camping Bon Port

Vakantiepark Mas des Vignes

Camping Mas de Reillhe

Vakantiepark Demeures du Ventoux

Friday 15 july – Bourg-Saint-Andéol – Vallon Pont d’Arc

Vakantiepark Lodges en Provence

Camping Les Ranchisses

Camping Saint Amand

Vakantiepark Lou Castel

Camping Ranc Davaine

Camping Aluna Vacances

Vakantiepark Domaine de Sévenier

Camping La Plage Fleurie

Camping Grand’Terre

Camping Domaine de Chaussy

Vakantiepark Domaine des Hauts de Salavas

Vakantiepark Sources de Manon

Saturday 16 july – Montélimar – Villars-les-Dombes

Camping Ardèche Camping

Camping Domaine des Plantas

Camping Les 3 Lacs du Soleil

Camping Kanopée Village

Camping Portes du Beaujolais

Sunday 17 july - Bourg-en-Bresse – Culoz

Camping Domaine de Louvarel

Camping La Plaine Tonique

Monday 18 july – Moirans-en-Montagne – Bern

Camping Le Fayolan

Camping Le Grand Lac

Camping Beauregard

Thursday 21 july – Sallanches – Mégève

Vakantiepark Hameau de Flaine

Camping Les Iles

Friday 22 july – Albertville – Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc

Camping Les Iles

Vakantiepark Hameau de Flaine

 Saturday 23 july – Mégève – Morzine

Camping Les Iles

Vakantiepark Hameau de Flaine


Tour de France

Straight to the offers
Why Tour de France?

Beautiful setting
Famous sportsman close up


Average summer temperature: 23 degrees


Catch goodies from the parade before the riders go past 

Mr. Kyle

It was a once in a lifetime experience for me and my kids