Visit Ljubljana

Ljubljana: a small capital city with great cultural treasures!

A magnificent city where the historical events have left their mark, a cultural heritage that will give you unique experience. Visit Ljubljana, a unforgettable city!

The only Ljubljana
In the vicinity of the city of Ljubljana, Slovenia, you will find the stunning campsites from Campingselection. The true camping experience here goes hand in hand with comfort and hospitality. Enjoy a traditional dish like Prsut Meso on one of the many terraces overlooking the meandering Ljubjanica river running through the city centre. 

Ljubljana Castle
Ljubljana is perfect for culture lovers who want to enjoy unique architectures. On the hill of the city is the Castle of Ljubljana, Slovenia's an attraction that absolutely deserves a visit. 

Visit Ljubljana

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The three decks to the old Ljubljana
Go up the hill to visit the castle


The museum of modern art
The zoo in the park Tivoli
The factory of beer dell'Unionbir castle


Relaxing Jacuzzi
Spacious pools