Italian lakes

Italian lakes

If you like quiet, you better to opt for the Lake Iseo, surrounded by beautiful vineyards.

The Italian Lakes are a summer residence for excellence. Even the ancient Romans knew about these incredible landscapes. In fact, you can still admire their stately villas. But above all, the picturesque villages! What a lovely holiday feeling.

From one country to another:

The mountain peaks that are reflected in the clear waters and a beautiful warm sun, these are the Italian lakes. If you like the alpine climate then Switzerland is just around the corner, in fact the northern shore of Lake Maggiore is Swiss. Along the shores of the Italian lakes are the lakeside villages, stunning, really impressive and contain a few lakeside promenades with shops, bars and restaurants.

exotic landscape

Garda, Bardolino and Sirmione with picturesque harbors, ancient squares and the famous wine destinations are in great demand. Just along the shores of Lake Garda is immersed in a deep blue and green. Palms, oleander, flowers, oak and cypress trees ... and from time to time, the landscape along the lakes becomes too exotic. The beautiful Roman villas and beautiful botanical gardens surround these beautiful lakes. If you like quiet, better to opt for the Lake Iseo, surrounded by beautiful vineyards.

Italian lakes

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Wine tasting in Bardolino!


From the Green Mountains to Lake Maggiore

The De Luca family:

We've visited almost all the lakes of Italy, and each lake has different shades of beauty!