Child friendly camping Italy

Child friendly camping Italy

No child to your children!

In Italy children are treated like princes and princesses. And that applies to our child-friendly campsites in Italy. That is all about children. From entertainment to food, because which child does not like eating with a P (pasta & pizza)?

Splashing, diving and sliding on a child-friendly campsite in Italy

A swimming pool is one of the most important ingredients for a successful holiday. Actually a swimming pool is indispensable, because what is better than splashing in the sun in the sun? At least 100 times off the slide and play in water castles, under fountains or in a real pirate ship.

A string of children

On holiday to a campsite, a better way to make friends, you can not think of. Upon arrival at the child-friendly campsite in Italy children are hanging around your car to see if there are peers out. And then the fun can begin. In tow by other children discover what there is to do at the campsite.

Who is looking for the treasure?

Scavenger hunts, crafts, sports tournaments, water fights, stage plays, dance nights and much more. The tirelessly enthusiastic animation teams at the campsites come up with something new every time. And then your kids can also enjoy themselves in the playground. They sleep like a log!

Easy search

Parents often say: "if our children are having a good time, the holiday is also a success for us". And that is of course true as a bus. That is why we have already made a selection of campsites with swimming pool, with animation and with playground. Do you want to add more selection criteria? Go to our homepage and click on the 'search' button. Enjoy the fun!

Child friendly camping Italy

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Child friendly camping Italy

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