5 star campsites

5 star campsites

For ultimate luxury choose to stay on a five-star campsite!

With Campingselection we offer  5-star campsites where you are guaranteed a luxurious stay. These 5-star campsites are in a different class to all the others..... 

What to expect...

If you choose a 5 star site you will be assured that everything from the range of facilities to the activities are the best they could possibly be. 

Switzerland or the Côte d'Azur? 

Whether you are on holiday on the coast, on the Riviera or even Switzerland you will find the best selection of 5-star campsites with Campingselection. We have 5-star campsites in various locations throughout Europe, so you can take your pick from different campsite each year...... Enjoying new places and experiences in the knowledge that your chosen campsite is of the highest standard. 

5 star campsites

Straight to the offers

Choose from a variety of destinations such as Saint Malo and Mont Saint Michel. 


 A 5-star holiday on the Côte d'Azur


A trip to the Venice

Water fun

Go the sea on the Adriatic coast or oen of the many beaches of the Vendée