Special deals for June!

Special deals for June!

Special Deals for arrivals on June 25th in our luxury tents!

This promotion is now over! Please check out our current offers and promotions here

Book now from 25/6 to 2/7 in a tent on one of the selected campsites for only £199 for 6 people. We have 18 campsites in different countries you selected.

Fully equipped tent

The tent has an area of 25 sqm which is more than enough room for 6 people. The sense of space is even greater because the tent is so high. The tent has two bedrooms, furnished with beds. One of the areas can be divided into two, so the kids have their own space. Furthermore, the tent has its own kitchenette, equipped with a complete inventory.


Special deals in June
7 nights
199 pounds

Chalet tent

Check out our chalet tent!