Holiday in Värmland

Holiday in Värmland

Watch elk and beavers, or build a raft. Welcome to Värmland!

Looking for peace and quiet? Holidays in Värmland, this is exactly what you need. The western province of Sweden is a great natural attraction!

The purity

Forests, lakes and 10,000 are in Värmland. The longest river in Sweden, Klarälven, runs into the lake Vänern, one of the largest lakes in Europe. Värmland is a great natural area, what better to go hiking, canoeing, or more difficult down the river on a raft made oneself - your kids will love!

Authentic fishing villages

Keywords: peace and space. Biking or hiking Karlstad northward along the Klarälvsbanan (asphalt) which becomes the Klarälvsleden (gravel) road is 220 km long. You can also go canoeing in nature reserve Glaskogen, with its vast forests and 80 lakes. Large forests, beautiful lakes, and fishing. What do you want?

Holiday in Värmland

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 20 degrees


10,000 years of history in Värmland Museum


Deep forests and thousands of lakes


Cute: The doll Little Anna (Anna Lilla) cartoon



Karlstad is a beautiful place, the delta of the two courses of fantastic natural water Sweden, the 500 km long and powerful Klarälven Vänern with its 22 000 islands. Go shopping, eat in a good restaurant, and visit the Värmland museum gift shop, where, for example dolls of peite Anna (Anna Lilla in Swedish).


Outdoor dining

At Karlstad during the summer evenings, enjoy an outdoor dinner, enjoy the bars and live music along the banks of the river Klarälven. Take a boat bus to restaurants where famous bands often play. Look at the calendar of events to see what there is to do during your holiday!


Putte i Parken

Putte i Parken The Festival is a pretty reachable music festival is held annually in the park of the city of Karlstad. Loved by many because of the festival atmosphere!



From Sunnemo, take a 4X4 and will see an authentic farm with elk, near a beautiful lake. Along the way you can also see wolves, lynx and bears! There is also a husky farm in Sunnemo. To better see the elk, we also recommend the elk Ekshärad Park.