Holiday in Luxembourg

Luxembourg capital and surroundings

Long walks, great food and a variety of places to visit......

Not too far away and varying trails for walkers of all abilities - a holiday in Luxembourg  is a must! Excellent for children offering many lakes to explore by boat!  

Lake of the Upper-Sure

Walking here is excellent. Luxembourg has 5,000 miles of hiking trails, making it a true hiker's paradise. In the natural park of Upper you will  find many varying trails to choose from for all abilities .... If the children are not interested in walking then during the  summer you can take an exciting trip on a boat ? 


The beautiful green landscape is definitely the highlight of this stunning country, however if  art and culture is more your thing then Luxembourg has much to offer! The city of Luxembourg is home to the beautiful castle of the Count of Ardennes, which is  considered a world heritage site by UNESCO. Modern buildings sit shoulder to shoulder with  historic buildings.  If  Luxembourg is your holiday choice  - you are sure to enjoy a fabulous varied holiday!

Holiday in Luxembourg

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 22 degrees 


Museum of the Battle of the Bulge located in the castle of Wiltz 


400 acres of natural parks.


Fierheklshelli : spit roasted pig 


 Traditional Beer of Luxembourg. 

Holiday in Luxembourg


Long trails

If you enjoy walking ,   We would recommend an  excursion to the town of Esch-sur-Sure with its themed  trail "On the tracks of water and nature" is ideal for children and only 4.5 km  long.


Crème de Fromage

The Natural Park of the Upper-Sure offers its products under a private label called  local 'vum Sei', Which we highly recommend.

The popular Restaurant Comte Godefroy, located in Esch-sur-Sure is the ideal place to visit  to taste the local smoked ham with a cool beer at the farro.

Chef's specialties: Crème de Fromage ... delicious!!!!!! 


The city of Luxembourg

Enjoy  some retail therepy ..... 

You must  spend a day in the city of Luxembourg!

Here you will find huge shopping malls with a  great selection of  stores to browse around. 


Castles and museums

The castle belonged to the count of Wiltz is a must see .... 

You will find the National Museum of Beer and the Museum of the Battle of the Bulge.

 In June and July the town also  hosts a fantastic outdoor concert!