Holiday on Lake Idro

Holiday on Lake Idro

A lake enclosed by lush green mountains....

We continue to hear that most lakes in Northern Italy are frequently visited places in the summer, but that does not apply to Idro. Here you'll relax in an authentic, picturesque setting.


Everything here is small; the villages, campsites, shopping. That does not mean however that there's nothing to do here. Climb the pristine mountains, go horse riding, rowing in a boat on the lake or walk around and let the stunning surroundings take you to another world. Visit the small surrounding villages and find out what 'picturesque' actually means.

Crystal clear water

Lake Idro is surrounded by the foothills of the Alps and is fed by glacier water. This mega-pure water is, in summer, an ideal temperature of around 24 degrees. Here you'll want to take a dip every day! It is, thanks to a lovely breeze, never too hot here but always warm enough for sunbathing. Sounds like the perfect holiday, right?

Holiday on Lake Idro

Straight to the offers

 Average summer temperature: 28 degrees 


Rocca d'Anfo: imposing fortress 


Green mountains: 1000-1400 metres high


Cheese Bagoss 


A good bottle of red or white wine


Mountain bike hire

Take long walks in the mountains surrounding the lake Idro. You can also rent a mountain bike. At high altitude, the view is breath-taking and the terrain is perfect for a great day out! 


Local Products

The small shops on the lake mainly supply local products such as cheese and cold meats. To have a really good shop you must travel to Lake Garda and Brescia where they have a vast amount of stores. 


Lemprato, Crone and Anfo

Love the quaint mountain villages? Then you have to visit the villages of Lemprato, Crone and Anfo. The latter has a fascinating fortified military complex, the Rocca d'Anfo. 


Cheese Bagoss

The typical dishes that you should definitely try are: perch, pasta with cheese ‘Bagoss’, the spirit of Brescia, and polenta.