Holiday in Italy

Italy holidays

Sun, sea and pizza...

The country of olives, espressos and antipasti. Fantastic scenery  and home to wonderful varied food and drink. This country is full of friendly  people, art, culture and music. Book your holidays to Italy now.

Pizza and pasta

If  high quality is important to you then Italy is the country of choice. In Italy they are passionate about... Food!

 You will almost certainly want to take some tasty treats home with you to remind you of your holiday in Italy, whether that be some delicious olive oil or a bottle or two of  sun-drenched wine from the region. Do not leave though  without a visit to one of the more imposing cities in Italy such as romantic Venice, Florence or the fashion capital of the world -  Milan. 

Famous Italy

As well as the world famous food, fashion plays a large role in the life of the Italians.

Whichever  Italian city or region you choose to visit, you can be sure Italy has something to offer all tastes. We recommend you  try delicious Italian gelati (ice cream) available in a variety of flavours..... 

Like history? then there are  many historic sites to choose from with Rome being  on the top of the list. Outside  of the many fantastic cities of Italy the scenery is also aesthetically pleasing - winding roads with cypress and olive trees merge  with romantic hilltop towns and  rugged rocky coasts.

 It is safe to say that anyone who has visited Italy will want to go back at least once more.... 

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Holiday in Italy

Culinary Delights

Spaghetti ala carbonara

A quick pasta according to the traditional recipe Italian 

400g spaghetti,  250g of bacon, 2 x shallots, 2 x eggs, 100g of grated cheese, fresh parsley.


Cook the spaghetti and fry the bacon with the shallotsBeat the eggs with the 2/3 of the cheese in a bowl. Stir the pasta and eggs and then add the baconGarnish with parsley and remaining cheese.