Vakantie in Groningen

Holiday in Groningen

Rest, peace and comfort

If you're holidaying in the province of Groningen, you will experience oan be as interesting small towns and not just the big cities. You'll find pretty villages, extensive natural areas and especially one of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands.

A region to discover

Nothing beats Groningen, this is the motto of this province. There are many things to visit in this northern part of the Netherlands. Typical and authentic villages with interesting churches, wide lawns typical of Groningen and hills as far as the eye. One of the most famous villages has more than 700 years, Fraeylemaborg, located in a huge estate.


In the center of Groningen, it is a famous church, Martini Tower. There are also several shopping streets and pubs for students, you can hardly get bored! We also want to visit the surrounding areas as the region Oldambtmeer which is a must. Overlooking a pond and surrounded by beautiful villages such as: Blauwestad, Papenburg and Winschoten. For a trip we strongly recommend you rent a boat or take trails for hikers and cyclists.

Holiday in Groningen

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Wadden Sea
Quaint villages
Wide pastures


Average summer temperature: 22 degrees   


Groningen Museum


Visit Pieterburen and surroundings


Souvenir photos in front of the church Martinitoren


Sanctuary of Pieterburen

A day at the sanctuary of Pieterburen, for a day of meditation. A trip very fun and educational especially for children, to Zeehondencreche. Enchanting place full of animals!


Groningen and animals

Every year, on August 28 it is celebrated the Siege of Groningen. During this festival they parade horses.



The village Bourtange, near the border with Germany, it's really special to see. It is a reconstruction of the original fortress, dated 1742, complete with moats, ramparts and cannons.



Mollebonen: roasted beans. Dish of the past of Groningen must try!