Holiday in Drenthe

Holiday in Drenthe

Hiking or cycling through the most beautiful villages in Holland!

Charming green villages, rich in history , there is much to see and do for the whole family in this unique province! Drenthe is the ideal destination for a wonderful family holiday.


What makes the landscape of Drenthe so special is its old world charm. Among the peat bogs, the towering trees, valleys and heathlands you can see the magnificent ancient monuments.  Take a stroll through  the   villages greens, such as Dwingeloo, Geldings and Norg with their ancient churches and stately farms. It  offers an authentic Dutch atmosphere!

In the saddle

Drenthe is a spectacular province to explore on foot or by bicycle. There are three national parks, each one more beautiful than the other.  The National Park Drents-Friese Wold includes pretty villages such as Appelscha and Wapse. Here the views are truly spectacular! Do not miss a trip to the picturesque Borger, here lies the dolmen, a type of prehistoric megalithic tomb.

Holiday in Drenthe

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 22 degrees 


Drents Museum in Assen 


Two national parks, ideal for hiking 


Try the locally made cheese


Locally produced cheese. 

Holiday in Drenthe


Emmen Zoo

The Zoo of Emmen is one of the largest and most beautiful zoos in the Netherlands.

The Zoo is divided into two part,  the old lies to the east of the centre while the new one ("Locatie Es") to the west. Here you can observe numerous species of animals.


Bean Soup

A typical dish from this region is the bruine bonensoep, a dark bean soup prepared with ham and sausage. 


Centre of Assen

The centre of Assen is a vibrant shopping centre with numerous department stores and shops.

 The city of Emmen offers a large indoor shopping centre with a variety of clothing stores. 



The Dolmen is definitely the number one attraction of this province. You can observe these fascinating megalithic structures within enchanting landscapes.