Holiday in Mosel

Holiday in Mosel

Quaint old town and vineyards beautiful Mosel !

Mosel is a top destination for a family holiday. The area is internationally renowned for its fine wines, being the oldest city in Germany and  cycling  along the water and through the woods. 

Wine and hiking

Mosel is the oldest wine region in Germany and has a place as one of the leading European wine regions.

The steep slopes of the river valley are filled with vineyards. The scenery is breathtaking and is just waiting to be explored.

Take a scenic drive through the valley and the narrow and wild canyons, over mountains and through the trails. Mosel is also perfect for a bike ride!

Mosel castles

In the narrowest part of the valley, you will find the famous castle of Mosel. The castle has a great location with great views!

 Many of the castles were destroyed over the years but the ruins remain. Visit the unspoilt gem among the castles - the Burg Eltz in Elzdal in Mosel Kern.

Holiday in Mosel

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 22˚C 


The oldest city in Germany:  Tier 

Natural surroundings

Vineyards and wild gorges ..... 


Visit some of the many local  wineries and try some traditional  cheese.


Take your favourite  bottle of wine home as a souvenir? 

Holiday in Mosel


Burg Eltz

Make the family holiday with a visit to Burg Eltz, a fairytale castle set within the forest. The 500 year old castle has architecture ranging from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, with its  eight residential towers, impressive wall paintings and an treasures........ 


The oldest city in Germany

Here you will find a whole range of shops . Porta Nigra is a well  preserved ancient city gate and is sure to make a great day out. 


Fairytale castle

Beautiful murals in Burg Eltz. The castle has been around for over 850 years and is one of the best preserved castles. You will soon discover that Burg Eltz is different from other castles, as it is owned and maintained by the same family since being built. The architecture is beautiful, and many of the original furnishings are still there. 


Wine village

It is a must to visit a winery during your holiday. 

In the wine village of Bruttig-Fankel, near Cochem, you will find fun and exciting events all centered around wine! The atmosphere there is fantastic.