Holiday in Harz

Holiday in Harz

An abundance of nature

The Harz steals your heart - bet? Your holiday here is full of variety: hiking, nice towns and castles look, descend into a mine or just the air in a gondola ... it's all possible!

From forest to city

Do you enjoy walking, then you are good. Harz National Park is one of the most popular hiking and cross-country areas of northern Germany, and a super spot to spot red deer, roe deer and wild boar. With a little (a lot) of luck you might even see a wild cat or a lynx! Even in the city? Wernigerode is a must - walk here instantly pop into the magnificent castle from the 12th century with the beautiful castle museum.


The beautiful medieval half-timbered towns like Goslar and Quedlinburg are highly recommended - not for nothing are they both declared World. Cock in Goslar immediately along the former Mines of Rammelsberg, even protected by UNESCO for its ingenious water system that the miners helped to dig even deeper. Also fun: the longest cable car (Wurmberg Seilbahn) in northern Germany, near Braunlage. One can think of many nice trips, the whole family can have a great holiday is guaranteed here!

Holiday in Harz

Straight to the offers

Vast forests
Top station of the country
Rammelsberg Mines (UNESCO)
Longest cable car in northern Germany
Medieval castle of Wernigerode


Average summer temperature: 23 degrees


Colourful half-timbered houses in Wernigerode


Hunting for wild cats and lynxes in the National Park


Harz Knüste, yum!


Take home: Brockenheksje


Highest point in Harz

Climb the Brocken, at 1142 metres the highest point of the Harz. There will a lot of legends about this special place, perhaps ridicule you still have a Brock Witch! The climb up is doable. Equally fun is a ride on the steam train from Wernigerode to the top station of the country.


Walpurgis witch night

The Brocken is obviously the place to celebrate the annual Walpurgis witch night. In the afternoon there is a program for the little children (male / female) complete with a broom making workshops and jousting tournaments!



The view from the Wurmberg Seilbahn, where you can enjoy the ride in a six-person cabin. Fortunately, it takes a while before you reach the top: it is 2.8 km to the 971 meter summit of the Wurmberg.


Shopping and sightseeing

Shopping and sightseeing: At Wernigerode you can do both at the same time as you wander along the noble houses on the pedestrian Breite Strasse. Rummage between the lamps and vases from the glass factory Harzkristall Derenburg and feast of local schnapps and cheese at Suhls Spezialitäten.


Harzer Knüste

Harz Knüste: potatoes in their skins, which are crispy in the oven. Nice and fresh with lettuce and cottage cheese. The place to sample local cuisine in the Harz Mountains are the Waldgaststätten, cozy house in the woods.