Holiday in Picardy

Holiday in Picardy

The largest city is the Gothic Amiens...

Forests, lots of timber,wheat plains and marshes are features of Picardy. Charming medieval towns such as Lille and a coastline full of beaches and cliffs makes this a great region for an ideal holiday!

Bays and castles

The Bay of Somme is a well preserved natural area which consists in large expanses of dunes, marshes and salt meadows. Here is the Natural Reserve of the Bay of the Somme and in particular the 'Marquenterre Park', an oasis of peace for the many wild birds. To explore the flora and fauna just go for long walks or mountain biking. To enjoy even more  nature the castle of Chantilly, rich in art treasures, has a beautiful garden of 115 hectares.

Gothic town

In the heart of Picardy is Amiens with the Gothic cathedral of Notre Dame; one of the largest classic French Gothic churches . The romantic charm of this precious city remains enclosed in the 'Hortillonnages': floating gardens, scattered in almost 300 acres of land in the canals. 
Also worth visiting is the city of Beauvais which offers as its main attraction the cathedral of St. Pierre, in which is located the original astronomical clock with 68 dials and 52 moving figures, which depicts the story of the Last Judgement.

Holiday in Picardy

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 23 degrees 


The largest Gothic cathedrals 


Cliffs, sandy beaches and dunes 


Lamb with herbs from the Bay of Somme 


Pots, cider, beer and champagne from Aisne

Holiday in Picardy


The Palais des Beaux-Arts

The collection at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille includes not only extraordinary paintings, sculptures and other works of art but also the location itself is just as fascinating. This museum, after the Louvre, is the most important in France.



 If you are in Picardy, shopping in Paris is a must! Let yourself be guided by the crowd on the Champs-Élysées where you will find the best boutiques. If you want a less chaotic place to shop just head to the Marais.


The Zoo of Maubeuge

From the ramparts of the town of Maubeuge you can admire the beautiful zoo. In this park you can see different species of animals, including black bears, white tigers, giraffes, camels, zebras; a great day out with the kids.


The Ficelles Picardes

The pride of Amiens are Hortillonnages; the floating gardens. Here they grow the best vegetables, used in local specialties such as Ficelles Picardes: savory crêpes with mushrooms, ham, cheese and sour cream.