Holiday in Normandy

Holiday in Normandy

The beautiful beaches of Normandy...

Half-timbered houses, pebble beaches, cliffs, long sandy beaches, green valleys and orchards make this a unique region. Come and discover the landing beaches and the main port cities such as Rouen and Le Havre.

Beaches and Culture

Looking for a beach holiday without sacrificing a bit of history and culture? Don't worry, in Normandy you will find everything you are looking for. The north-west of the region is characterized by beautiful sandy coastline, the north-east by towering cliffs interspersed with pebble beaches. For culture and history? Le Mont Saint Michel is a peninsula, accessible only by foot, full of architectural gems to be discovered, such as the medieval abbey. Here you can also observe the highest tides in Europe.

Port cities

Are you curious to see the beaches which were the scene of the famous Normandy landings? Or visit the port cities of Rouen, Le Havre and Cherbourg? In Rouen, one of the main ports of France, you can walk along the old town's main street, the Rue du Gros-Horloge, featuring an astronomical clock with two dials. Also worth a visit is Le Havre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, birthplace of Impressionism, cruise port and seaside resort. Don't miss Cherbourg-Octeville, a popular venue for events with large sailing boats.

Holiday in Normandy

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 20 degrees 


Landing Beaches 


Cliffs, pebble beaches and sand on the coast, green valleys inland 


Oysters and marinated scallops 


Cheese, bottles of calvados, cider and pommeau 

Holiday in Normandy


Le Mont Saint Michel

There is no denying; Le Mont Saint Michel is one of the biggest attractions of the region and the whole of France. From a distance looms this rocky peninsula, which boasts a splendid medieval abbey. In the past you could only get to the island at low tide, there is now a raised road passable only on foot.


Different specialties

In the land of divine cheeses, Normandy is one of the best. Camembert, Pont l'Eveque and Neufchatel cheese are great culinary tradition of the French, creatively combined with sweet or savoury recipes. While in Normandy try the scallops, mussels, cider, calvados and the ‘tarte tartin’.


Shops and shopping centres

In Rouen there are great places to shop and you can combine shopping with a beautiful cultural journey through the Place du Vieux-Marche and along Rue du Gros Horloge, an important trade route. If you still crave shopping try the mall Saint-Sever. 


The Bridge of Normandy

The Bridge of Normandy connects Upper Normandy with Lower Normandy. Crossing the Seine River with a length of 2143 metres, it is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Europe. Tip: If you cross it on foot or by bike you do not pay the toll.