Holiday in Midi-Pyrenees

Holiday in Midi-Pyrenees

Canyons and limestone plateaus...

I f you holiday in the Midi-Pyrenees then don’t forget to bring your hiking boots. With over 30 km of trails you can see a very impressive landscape; river gorges, valleys, high mountains and broad plains.

Knights Templar

In the Midi-Pyrenees you will find many enchanting itineraries and if you walk in the south of the department of Aveyron, you will also come across many medieval villages. These fortified towns like La Cavalerie and Viala du Pas de Jaux were founded and run by the Templars and the Hospitallers. Nearby is the Millau Viaduct, the tallest bridge in the world.

Canyon and canoe

At Millau is also the Regional Natural Park of ‘Grands Causses’, which extends to another 96 municipalities. The most impressive ‘Causses’ (limestone plateaus) are the ‘Causse Noir’ and the ‘Causse de Sauveterre Causse Mejean’. In addition to the numerous special breeds of sheep, this region boasts the France’s largest canyon; ‘Gorges du Tarn’. Take a canoe through this awesome deep ravine and you can see a beautiful cave.

Holiday in Midi-Pyrenees

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 27 degrees 


Medieval villages and stately Renaissance houses in Toulouse


Limestone plateaus, deep gorges, cliffs, peaks and green valleys 


Cassoulet with white beans, sausage and goose 


Wines Côtes de Millau, Côtes de Saint-Mont and Côtes de Brulhois

Holiday in Midi-Pyrenees



Micropolis is a city completely dominated by insects. It’s at Saint-Léons, just 20 minutes from Millau, where they study about 70 species of insects. Fun and educational not only for kids!


The Laguiole knife

You can’t leave the Midi-Pyrenees without purchasing a Laguiole knife. This town is known around the world for its traditional way of making knives, all by hand. Here you can stop for lunch at Bras, an excellent three-star restaurant and no, you do not need to carry the knife! 


The castle of foix

The town of Foix, at the foot of the Pyrenees, boasts a beautiful medieval charm. The half-timbered houses, terraces and narrow streets are very welcoming. The pride of this village is of course the Castle of Foix, overlooking the entire town. 


Different specialities

The Midi-Pyrenees, in addition to the excellent cheese, is also famous for its sweets. Among the specialties are the ‘Fouace’, a sweet cake shaped like a donut, maybe with a glass of ‘Gaillac’. Try the Aligot, mashed potatoes and cheese, and haricots ‘tarbais’, mini white beans.