Holiday in Loire

Holiday in Loire

Castles and clinking glasses...

A sloping wooded landscape with vineyards, medieval villages, lush gardens and packed castles. If you like all these things then the Loire is for you.


try cycling along the Loire, sailing a traditional boat on the water or endless walks along the shore. The River Loire runs for miles through the French countryside with much to discover. What you mostly find in the Loire Valley are the castles. In the fifteenth century the French court took possession of the Loire so we still can enjoy imposing castles like those in Blois, Chenonceau and Chambord.

Culture and cuisine

The field of art in Orleans, on the north bank of the Loire, has a lot to offer. The Museum of Fine Arts, one of the richest and oldest museums of France offers a large collection of sculptures and paintings. The Floral Park de La Source is a rich park is divided into different areas with many species of flowers and animals. Worthy of note is the greenhouse with exotic butterflies of all colours of the rainbow. Also near Orleans there are numerous castles to visit. The castle of Sully-sur-Loire, 44 miles away, is a real medieval castle surrounded by a beautiful park of 25 hectares. Tired of walking? Why not end your holiday with a well-deserved cheese and wine tasting in the Loire!

Holiday in Loire

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 25 degrees


The French court built many castles in the Loire Valley 


Rolling hills, woods, vineyards and caves


Lots of fish, preferably pike in white butter sauce 


Sancerre wine


Boat trip

 A boat trip on the river Loire is really a special experience for the whole family. The wind in your hair and the beautiful landscapes, set sail from Sigloy for your adventure.


Different specialities

The Loire Valley is famous for its white butter sauce, prepared with butter, white wine, white vinegar and shallot. This dressing goes well with vegetables and fish, especially pike. 


Shops and shopping centre

Why do not you come home with something that will remind you of France? Orleans has many shops in the town centre and also large shopping centres. At Place d'Arc, in the centre, you will be spoiled for choice with its 60 shops. 


The castle of Chenonceau

The castle of Chenonceau, situated in the Loire region, it is the most visited castle in France after Versailles. The fortress, built on the River Cher, offers a 60-metre long tunnel, a wax museum and beautiful gardens. Often the castle is called the "castle of Women" since it was built, designed and expanded by a series of extraordinary women.