Holiday in Jura

Holiday in Jura

Mountains, lakes and vineyards in the Jura...

Pine forests, crystal clear lakes, endless vineyards, hills and mountains. Nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts are in their element. It’s also a region rich in architectural heritage, castles and caves.

Beautiful lakes

This includes the Jura lakes region, which offers a magnificent succession of lakes with wooded banks. In this region, the valley Hérisson is characterized by the presence of beautiful waterfalls. The Jura is the perfect choice for lovers of canoeing, sailing, climbing and mountain biking. Visit the picturesque village of Reculée de la Frasnée, a valley with steep walls. Why not take a trip to Geneva?

Caves and a welcoming city

In addition to the beautiful lakes, the Jura boasts of beautiful caves, such as La Grotta dei Planche, a complex full of colourful rocks discovered in 1813. Dole, a city of art and history, is lovely with its canals, its old houses and its Church towering above it. The historic centre of Dole is well preserved, romantic and the perfect place to take a walk. Here you can visit the old houses, the sixteenth century Collegiate Church of Notre-Dame and the Palace of Justice.

Holiday in Jura

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 26 degrees


Full of lakes, mountains, vineyards and pine forestss


Cities are full of beautiful historic sites: Dole and Lons le Sonier to name a couple.


White wine, Comté cheese, honey and chocolate!


Take home a typical a 'vin jaune', Jura's fine white wine! 

Holiday in Jura


Shops and shopping centre

Lons le Sounier is the place to shop. This city, which was rebuilt in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, is full of shops and restaurants. For shopaholics, the city has a large shopping centre. If you are exhausted after shopping, Lons le Sounier is also a spa!

Holiday in Jura


The toy museum

Fun for kids: beyond ‘Morains and Montagne’! Here you can watch over 2000 games, a multimedia tour of the production of games that will blow your mind! 

Holiday in Jura


Castle of Joux

Overlooking the closed Pontarlier and perched on a rocky outcrop, the castle of Joux, with towers, drawbridges and ramparts allows you to see ten centuries of history. In addition to the beautiful surrounding countryside, inside the castle you can visit a museum of ancient weapons. 

Holiday in Jura



You can’t leave the Jura without trying the delicious cheese fondue. The cheeses used in this region are Gruyere, Comte and Emmental. Soak the bread, sipping a glass of wine, and savour the flavour.