Holiday in Lolland

Holiday in Lolland

Enjoy nature in Lolland and visit Copenhagen

Lolland, the third largest island in Denmark is connected by bridges to the nearby islands Falster, Mon and Zealand. Those arriving from Germany can use the ferry to a straight line from Puttgarden and Rodby. Lolland island is a diverse camping holiday.

Medieval towns, nature and Danish culture

Lolland is dominated by wheat fields, hills, farms, churches and picturesque villages. The distances between attractions are very short. Visit the commercial town Nakskov with sugar only museum in Denmark. Stroll through the family holiday in Maribo, which are the cathedral and the white City Hall possibilities of popular pictures. The great "Soendersoe" runs a tour boat his tours. Nysted belongs with its harbour, Aalholm castle and the colorful houses on Lolland the most picturesque places.

Nearby islands and seal colonies

It is worth during your family holiday to make excursions to nearby islands. Langeland, Fejø Femø and are easily accessible by ferry. Other islands are connected by a bridge with Lolland. So you can go to Mon to discover the beautiful chalk cliffs and the idyllic center of canvases. On the island of Falster is a beach that is part of the nature reserve of Marielyst. South of Lolland is Rødsand Vildtreservats with the seals. With a safe distance, you can at the campsite, your children observe sea lions and seals.

Holiday in Lolland

Straight to the offers

Discover the islands
Discover seals
Day in the Danish capital
Knuthenborg Safari Park


Average temperature in summer: 20 degrees


Experience the Middle Ages to Middelaldercentret


The biggest cliffs of the country: Møn's Klint


Cherry wine on your wooden terrace


Day in Copenhagen

Copenhagen seems far away and yet it is not far at all. The good road liason with the capital offers the possibility to spend a family day out, see the mermaid, do the windows and visit Tivoli Park with children. It's awesome.


The Danish art

We recommend art lovers to visit the art museum in Toreb Fuglsang. The museum is located on the grounds of a historic mansion showing Danish art from the 18th century until today. Another highlight during your family vacation: the Safari Park "Gut Knuthborg" in Bandholm by Maribo.


Old cities

The port of Rodby has a center with an old town and small shops. Despite the incoming ferries every half hour, shopping is quite pleasant. Traffic heading north, passes around a large area bypassing the city. The possibilities for shopping are the most interesting in Nakskov, Maribo and Nysted.


Jazz Festival

The events program is Lolland maritime and musical. Musical highlights include the jazz festival of Maribo and Femø. Sailing regattas and festivals take place in the port of Nykøbing, Kragenæs, Sakskøbing and Nysted.