Belgian Ardennes

Holiday Belgian Ardennes

Natural surroundings with an abundance of wildlife

The Ardennes a place where many people come for a sporting holiday or maybe to just relax, read a book and enjoy the natural surroundings.... 

Natural paradise 

The Ardennes is so diverse offering  forests, rivers, narrow canyons, caves, waterfalls and  vast rolling hills. If you are  lucky you might even spot one of the wild animals found here deer, wild boar, birds of prey or even a lynx? Understandably this region is a great for cyclists and walkers, but you can also find great places for canoeing, kayaking and skiing.

The most beautiful villages of Wallonia

There are many traditional villages in this region, almost all of which have their own castle. The restaurants here are  very good.

There are many monasteries, abbeys and subterranean caves that you can visit, such as Han and Remouchamps. In the summer months popular areas to visit such as La Roche, known as the 'Valkenburg' of the Ardennes. In Rochefort ( known famously for its beer)  there are lots to see and do. Finally, make sure to visit the medieval city Durbuy, which is the smallest town in the world! 

Holiday Belgian Ardennes

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature is a pleasant : 20˚C


Visit The War Museum


The classic Coo waterfalls in Amblève 


For delicious gourmet food , we recommend the city  of Durbury.


The breweries that produce Orval, Chimay and Leffe, take home a souvenir? 

Holiday in Bayern


Castle of Bouillon

The castle (a fortress) in Bouillon is one of the most impressive fortresses in Europe. You can see it from miles away and it consists of three forts connected by bridges. 


Space experience

In Redu visit the Euro Space Centre .

 Here it is possible to experience 'spacewalks' and see how the Big Bang started.

Also discover more about the Milky Way or climb aboard a spaceship..... truly a once in a lifetime experience. 


Famous brands

If you love to shop then :  Liege and Namur are a must visit.

Namur has two major shopping districts all with major chains and is surrounded by quaint streets lined with shops.


Summer festivals

Every year between 14-16 August , there is a feastival in the old Liege Outremeuse district. The celebration is one of the biggest summer events in the region and includes summer concerts, folk music, games, puppet shows and parades.