Villa Aia Vecchia di Montalceto

Villa Aia Vecchia di Montalceto

Apartment 2 bedroom

7 nights with arrival on 02-06-2018

  • Apartment 2 bedroom
  • Date of arrival Sat 02 June 2018
  • Duration 7 Nights
  • Number of people
£ 803
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Landscaped pool
Siena and Arezzo
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Villa Aia Vecchia di Montalceto
15th century estate Montalceto
Delicious dishes from the restaurant

Landscaped pool

Amid the breathtaking scenery of the chalk hills of Siena, Villa Aia Vecchia di Montalceto. The colourful, undulating hills and the characteristic cypress trees breathe the typical Tuscan atmosphere.

In the 15th century the Montalceto estate was a famous thermal spring. Still one source active and accessible to guests. The main building has been transformed into holiday accommodation with five very good and comfortable homes. All are furnished with typical Tuscan antique furniture and feature a private terrace. A walk of about 250 metres through a beautiful cypress lane leads you to the communal pool (14 x 9 m) with hydromassage, children's playground and the villa of the owner. In addition, the owner is requested delicious Tuscan cuisine!
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