Holiday parks in Liguria

Holiday parks in Liguria

Colours, cliffs and buildings: Discover the romance of Liguria!

Book in one of the charming villages in Liguria, you will discover not only its colour, but also the rugged coastline to the east, with rough rocks, high cliffs and pebble beaches. You'll be surprised by the romantic fishing villages and major ports!

Coloured cliffs

Liguria, the Italian Riviera, Riviera dei Fiori or Riviera. There are many names for the coastal strip that runs from the French border to Tuscany. In any case, here you will find yourself in front of a large palette of colors. A good example? The Cinque Terre are real show for those who love romantic villages. These villages are easily accessible from the tourist village, is located atop the cliffs and are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Vernazza, with its pretty harbour, is perhaps the most picturesque and Manarola, founded in the twelfth century, is the oldest. The most beautiful path to reach these villages is the Way of Love, a short path through the cliffs and breathtaking scenery.

Romantic red squares and buildings

The palaces of the most important port city of Italy, Genoa, give more color to the Riviera. The best you can find in Via Garibaldi, with the White Palace and the Red Palace. This fact shows a nice bright red. Inside the splendid frescoes, precious furnishings and a fascinating collection of paintings in pastel colors. The historic center of the city is a mix of old and new. 
Walking through the narrow medieval streets is a great opportunity to shop, especially for specialties that can be enjoyed at resorts. 
How about visiting the home of Christopher Columbus?

Holiday parks in Liguria

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Travel with dolphins

Would you like to take a trip with dolphins? In the Ligurian Sea, there are numerous sightings of cetaceans. From the port of Imperia and Sanremo is possible to board a boat to explore the spectacular marine protected area.