Holiday village Isola Albarella

Holiday village Isola Albarella

Apartment 1 bed airco

7 nights with arrival on 26-05-2018

-22% £ 653
  • Apartment 1 bed airco
  • Date of arrival Sat 26 May 2018
  • Duration 7 Nights
  • Number of people
£ 507
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Beach, 3 pools and golf
Visit Venice, Ravenna and Ferrara
and more...
Unique location on peninsula
Spacious, luxurious and child-friendly
Sport activities for the whole family

Beach, 3 pools and golf

Italian Dream Location: Isola Actions for Rosolina on the Adriatic Have not you always dreamed of a vacation in a unique location by the sea? We found this wonderful place for you ... Isola Actions on the Adriatic coast!Isola Albarella is a very unique holiday island, located at the mouth of the Po.

The 5-km long and 1.5 km wide island is available exclusively to owners and tenants of apartments open so maximum privacy is guaranteed. Besides featuring tranquility, exclusivity and a very varied design the character of this unique Italian holiday destination.

Shallow marine and freshwater beach on Isola Albarella

The sea side runs a wide and flat sandy beach that is ideal for your stay with young children. The other side of the island is adjacent to the known as "Mare Vostrum" fresh water lake. A stay in one of the beautiful apartments on Isola Albarella guarantees the perfect family vacation!

Sports activities with the whole family on Isola Albarella

The island is well suited for a vacation with the whole family on their merits and the versatile services on site. Close to the beach, a sports center with three swimming pools (free access) as well as with lawns, cafes and a self-service restaurant. You can also participate in various sports courses, eg surfing, sailing, horse riding, golf or water skiing. Over the whole island travel free small trains that stop at various stations. From Actions from course you can take trips to Venice and Ravenna.
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