Holiday parks in Dordogne

Holiday parks in Dordogne

Black, purple, white and green: discover all the colors of the Dordogne

Caves, medieval villages and many castles in the Dordogne you will find ... and resorts? They are waiting on the banks of the river with lots of surprises!

Numerous castles

The caves of Lascaux, in the valley of the Vézère, are famous all over the world. Experts estimate that the earliest cave paintings dating back some 15,000 years before Christ. Here, the walls are painted bison, deer, bulls and rhinos. 
The Dordogne is characterised not only by the caves but also by the beautiful castles that dot the region. In particular, we recommend the Castle of Beynac, perched atop the cliffs. Loving the royal castles? So worth a visit the castles of Castelnaud, Biron and Fayrac, easily accessible from the tourist villages.

The colours of the Dordogne

The department consists almost entirely of the Dordogne Périgord. This ancient region is divided into four zones: the Green Périgord, in the north, the Périgord Blanc, developed around the limestone valleys of Perigueux, the Périgord Noir, the oldest, and the Purple Périgord (or Red), famous for its wines Bergerac. If you are still not satisfied, do not worry because the Dordogne still has an ace up its sleeve: the black truffle.

Holiday parks in Dordogne

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 28 degrees


Dordogne - region of a thousand castles 


Cave of Lascaux 


The region is known for the famous black truffle


Walnuts, truffles, chestnuts, strawberries, goose or duck foie gras, wine and chocolate


Regional Natural Park of Causses

The Regional Natural Park of Causses of Quercy, a protected area of 176,000 hectares is an area of ​​sheep and goat farming. Cliffs, caves, cliffs, hills, deep river valleys and dry meadows divided by stone walls make this magnificent area.

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Local specialties

‘Foie gras’, mushrooms, walnuts, truffles the Dordogne offers excellent cuisine. If you want to learn more about ‘black diamond’ visit the truffle museum in Sorges and try to find them too along the paths that wind through the oaks! 

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Each village has plenty of souvenir shops but  if you want more in Perigueux there is a shopping centre. Here you will also find the well-known clothing chain ‘Babou’ at very competitive prices. If you prefer something more then the medieval town of Perigueux offers small  boutiques and big name brands!

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Rocamadour is perched on a limestone cliff and after Lourdes, is the most visited pilgrimage site in France. After climbing the 216 steps of the Grand Staircase you will discover the seven shrines of Rocamadour. From the top of the medieval village the panorama of the surrounding area is truely spectacular!