Holiday parks in the Belgian Ardennes

Holiday parks in the Belgian Ardennes

The active and beautiful Ardennes

The beautiful forests, castles, caves and picturesque villages, the Belgian Ardennes is the perfect place for those who want an active holiday. The place includes opportunities for cycling, canoeing or survival activities.

Fun, fun and more fun!

Are not you afraid of getting water or mud on your clothes? Are you adventurous and like to get your hands dirty, you have definitely come to the right place. Try canoeing, abseiling, rafting or mountain biking and have an experience of a lifetime. Everything takes place in the fast lane, luckily there are plenty of other things you can do on a holiday in the Belgian Ardennes. There are lots of beautiful hiking and biking trails as you can be at your own pace to explore. See also the pleasure of visiting the many caves, monasteries or castles. If you are interested in culture and history, the Belgian Ardennes, also instead. Ardennes extends over the provinces of Liège, Namur, Hainaut and Luxembourg which is filled with historic towns.

Labyrinth and Leffe

Dinant is one of the cities that shines on battle with the sun and is located on the River Maas. Here it is a must to visit the Citadel. Take the stairs or funicular. At the top you get a beautiful view of the city. Do you love beer? The region is known for its Leffeølā€‹ā€‹, which is also brewed in Dinant. Take a day trip to the exciting city of Durbuy. The city is a fascinating medieval town which offers exciting story for the whole family.

Holiday parks in the Belgian Ardennes

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 20Ėš 


Visit The War Museum


The classic Coo waterfalls in Amblève


For delicious gourmet meals visit the town of Durbury


Visit the breweries that produce Orval, Chimay and Leffe, take home a souvenir beer!

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Castle of Bouillon

The castle (a fortress) in Bouillon is one of the most impressive fortresses in Europe. You can see it from miles away and consists of three forts connected by bridges. 

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Space experience

In Redu, see the EuroSpace Centre,  a high-tech park. Here it is possible to go on spacewalk and see how the Big Bang started. Discover  the Milky Way or climb aboard a spaceship..... A once in a lifetime experience!

Holidaypark Belgian Ardennes


Famous brands

If you love to shop, Liege and Namur in the  places to go. The latter city has two major shopping districts with all the major chains and is surrounded by quaint streets lined with speciality shops.

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Summer festivals

Every year between August 14 to 16 there is a feast in the old Liege Outremeuse district. The celebration is one of the biggest summer events in the region and includes summer concerts, folk music, games, puppet shows, folk dances and parades.