Holiday parks

Holiday parks

The most beautiful holiday parks in Europe

Luxury, comfort, a pleasant atmosphere, hospitality and beautiful surroundings. We are sure that our holiday parks will meet all your needs and desires.

We have carefully selected holiday villages with special emphasis on hospitality, as we believe you should feel at home upon arrival at the holiday park. We strive to offer you holiday parks you do not want to go home from. We are always looking for something special. Therefore, we have everything from small to large homes, as well as everything from agriturismo to luxury homes. Whether you want a bungalow or apartment, we strive to provide it.

Quality, comfort and fun are just some of what a family holiday should be about. Our holiday parks are professional animation team that makes it entertaining for the whole family. There is also a restaurant serving tasty regional cuisine. Take also an authentic agriturismo holiday. Here you are guaranteed to feel like a local. Apartments are often built in the style of the region and are fully equipped with modern facilities and fun activities.


Relax on the shores of a lake. Get the best mountain views. Florence, Rome, Verona and Venice are just some of the cities you should not miss. Ice cream, pizza, coffee and wine is the way forward in Italy. In addition, the country has some of the most beautiful beaches. From Liguria as the beautiful Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily. 


France has something for everyone. Impressive mountain scenery, where there is the possibility of climbing, rafting and cycling. Wild rivers, mountain lakes and fields filled with lavender. Wide sandy beaches on vestrkysten where you eat mussels for lunch. Relax on France's southern coast? 


Sun, sea and beach: Welcome to Spain! On the coast you will always find a place to relax. Would you like to experience the Spanish culture? Visit one of the many charming fishing villages. Enjoy flamenco and eat tapas with the locals. Or go to admire Gaudi's world-famous mosaics in Barcelona?


Sunbathe in the crystal clear sea. Be active on the Croatian coast. Anything is possible in Croatia. Sailing enthusiasts will also enjoy a holiday in Croatia. Although you will find Croatia is a bit like Italy and it is not surprising, since you can almost touch Venice. The Roman cities here are truly beautiful.


Windmills, tulips and historic cities ... and there is much more to discover in the Netherlands. On the wide sandy beaches you can relax in the hot summer days. Or hop on your bike and explore the dunes behind the beaches. To the east and south of the Netherlands, it is possible to walk in the beautiful woods and along the marshes.


A trip on the Mosel. Cycling through the green hills of the Eifel. Wine tasting in villages with traditional German facades. Further south you will find the impressive mountain peaks. In the Black Forest, you can hike.


On the Belgian coast you will experience a real holiday. Here is the beautiful wide sandy beaches and picturesque towns such as Ghent or Bruges. There are theme parks for the kids. Go on adventures in the countryside. Or stroll through the Ardennes. 


Fish just tastes better in Portugal - and not surprisingly because you are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on all sides. Quiet and relaxing in the Algarve and adventurous and sporty in Costa de Lisboa. Porto and Lisbon are also close by.


Surfers can enjoy themselves on the Danish coast and challenge there own abilities. The beaches are wide and the waves are amazing! There is also peace and quiet. Hop on your bike and follow the beautiful trails through the dunes and forest. Denmark also has breathtaking fjords. Come and learn about the Vikings and admire the many Lego figures at Legoland.