Holiday in Nieder Austria

Holiday in Nieder Austria

Different landscapes and fantastic views

Lower Austria, in the heart of Austria it is the most diverse region of this state. So many landscapes in such a small space. What destination for your holiday!

Pure nature

In the region of Lower Austria are the rugged gorges of the "Austrian Grand Canyon" and pristine wetlands and along the Danube. On the sunny slopes are beautiful vineyards and picturesque villages. The forests of pine and oak trees, alpine meadows, lakes surrounded by thick forests and rushing mountain streams will send you a peaceful and relaxing. 
The region of Lower Austria not only boasts of a beautiful nature, but also numerous cultural and historical attractions!

Ancient castles

Its history dates back to prehistoric times. It was found here that the effigy is one of the world's oldest, dating back to 30,000 BC: The Venus of Galgenberg. Many are the castles, palaces and monasteries were built from the Middle Ages to the golden days of the Habsburg Empire, many of which are still active with beautiful scenery of summer events here. 
Discover the historic Wachau Valley and its pretty village of Dürnstein. Cobbled streets, a picturesque baroque blue church and the many terraces!

Holiday in Nieder Austria

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 24 degrees 


Castle Schallaburg 


Austrian Grand Canyon 


Marillenknödel, sweet dumplings filled with apricots 


Blown glass


Austrian Grand Canyon

The Austrian Grand Canyon is wonderful itinerary for the whole family. From Schleierwaterval Lackenhof you walk 3.5 km, passing through fascinating gorges, as well as the cascade of Mira-Erlaufstausee.



Krems in the Wachau region, offers a lot of shopping. The beautiful city of Krems and Stein boast of many historical buildings that date back to the 14th century. The Gozzoburg, a Gothic building of arches, was built in the 13th century and is the only one of its kind north of the Alps! 

To see

The Castle Schallaburg

The Castle Schallaburg at Melk, is one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles north of the Alps. Nucleus of the fortress, which dates back to the Middle Ages, survived the residential wing Romanesque and Gothic chapel. The Palace of Schallaburg acquired its characteristic appearance in 1572, when the prosperous dynasty Losenstein wanted to build a palace modelled on Italian examples of the time. 

To taste


Marillenknödel is a specialty of the sunny region of Wachau. This traditional dessert consisting of sweet dumplings filled with apricots.