Camping Greece

Camping Greece

Enjoy a top holiday at a campsite in Greece!

The hospitable Greeks, the pleasant weather, the many beautiful islands with small beaches and surrounded by a clear blue sea... Enjoy the wonderfully relaxed Mediterranean mentality at a campsite in Greece!

Beautiful surrounding areas

Greece itself is actually a large open-air museum! In Athens, the Acropolis and the Parthenon are the best known remains of ancient Greek civilizations. But impressive monuments can also be found on the Greek islands. These are not only from antiquity, but many other civilizations have also left their marks. Corfu town (Kerkyra) is a real highlight on Corfu. You will find impressive forts, beautiful churches and beautiful Venetian-style houses. And after a day immersed in the world of Greek myths and Greek antiquity, enjoy the stuffed tomatoes, Souvlaki, a salad with feta with a glass of Ouzo on a terrace... Greece is a wonderful holiday destination!

Camping in Greece

Greece is not only the perfect destination for lovers of culture and history. With around 300 days of sunshine a year, it is not surprising that Greece is a very popular holiday destination for sun, sea and beach holidays. Greece has a very long coastline. The 15,000 (!) Kilometre long coastline also owes its length to the no less than 2,000 islands that belong to Greece. Crete, Rhodes, Kos and Corfu are the most popular holiday islands. With a stay at a campsite in Greece you can discover the beautiful Greek nature! Look for the hidden white beaches, beautiful bays between the rocks and enjoy the view over the green hills with olive trees and cypress trees.

Must sees during your holiday in Greece

  • Olympia where the flame for the Olympic Games was lit.
  • The Acropolis, this upper city has always been the religious centre of Athens.
  • Delphi with the important oracle.
  • Meteora rock formations with medieval monasteries.
  • Santorini with characteristic white villages.
  • So many islands, beaches, bays and rocks to discover.
Camping Greece

Straight to the offers

Capital: Athens
Population: 10.75 million
Surface area: 131,957 km²
Highest point: Olympus 2,917 metres
Language: Greek

Greek recipe

Greek salad with feta

A Greek salad with feta is oh so healthy! A fresh salad of raw vegetables, olives and feta with a simple dressing of olive oil and oregano.

The ideal recipe to prepare your holiday in Greece!

Ingredients: 6 large tomatoes, 1 large green pepper, few leaves of lettuce, 1 cucumber, 200 g feta, 1 hand Kalamata olives, 1 tbsp dried oregano, or Herbes de Provence, 4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 2 tbsp red wine vinegar, Freshly ground black pepper.


  1.  Cut the tomatoes into slices and the peppers and the lettuce into thin strips.
  2. If necessary, pull with the "eye" of a peeler, thin slices of skin of the cucumber and cut into half slices.
  3.  Cut the feta into four equal slices. Divide the lettuce, over four plates.
  4. Mix all vegetables and distribute them over the lettuce. Spoon the oil and vinegar over it and grind pepper.
  5.  Put the feta and the olives on top and sprinkle the feta with the dried herbs. Serve immediately.

Camping Greece

Karda Beach Camping

Karda Beach

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