Camping Domaine Mané Guernehué

Camping Domaine Mané Guernehué

Mobile Home Bretagne Cottage 2 bedrooms

7 nights with arrival on 26-05-2018

  • Mobile Home Bretagne Cottage 2 bedrooms
  • Date of arrival Sat 26 May 2018
  • Duration 7 Nights
  • Number of people
£ 321
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Large outdoor pool with waterslides
Visit Vannes & the Menhir of Carnac
and more...
Large indoor pool
Great entertainment team
Pamper yourself in the wellness centre

Large outdoor pool with waterslides

Great swimming facilities with outdoor pools, rapid water slides, a roofed swimming pool and the wellness area make Camping Mané Guernehué a great campsite for families with children. Moreover, trips to the surrounding areas and the nearby historical towns will make your stay even better.

At the local markets you can get to know the specialties, traditions and practices of life in southern Brittany.

Go on a camping holiday at the gulf of Morbihan, one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Upon arrival you will be warmly welcomed with friendly hospitality. While you are still busy sorting out the formalities, your children will already be in the swimming pools.

Water delights

At Camping Mané Guernehué everybody who is a fan of swimmingwill love it here. It is hard to decide which of the many offered possibilities you want to try first. Whether you choose to start at the water slides to slide into the pool at high speed or you decide for the wild water canal you will surely have lots of fun! For everyone who prefers relaxing there is a wellness area as well as a nearby golf course. The mixed sport activities which are offered include archery, rope sliding, mini golf, beach volleyball, soccer, ping- pong, pool, and horse riding. Additionally, the holiday animation during the high season and childcare in the children’s clubs called “Boutchou” and “Junior” always provide a great mood for everybody. As you can see:At Camping Mané Guernehué there is a fitting activity for every member of the family.

Cooking or going out to eat

Of course every mobile home has its own, fully equipped kitchen in which it is really fun to cook yourself. At Camping Mané Guernehué you will find the restaurant called Le Petit Vézit where your family will be spoilt with the many different specialties. By the way, you can also get take-out meals. Another option to eat out could be in the nearby Vannes. This town offers a variety of different restaurants.

Idyllic villages

In the surrounding areas of Camping Mané Guernehué there are numerous idyllic villages. Small alley ways, ancient churches, and the popular Menhires of Carnac are great reasons for a trip there. There is so much to see and experience, so don’t forget to take pictures and send selfies. Nevertheless, the biggest attraction of the region has always been the sandy beaches.
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