Mobile home accessible

Mobile Home Comfort Accessible

The mobile home Comfort accessible is well made and very accessible

This mobile home is the same quality and standard as our other mobile homes but is designed to accommodate wheelchair use. Practical design solutions and all the amenities to ensure a wonderful camping holiday! 

The Mobile home comfort Exclusive accessible complies with the law on accessibility for wheelchairs. It can be easily accessed  without problems.

On the terrace you can relax and under the shade of the trees with ease.

Offering an accessible kitchen, bathroom, veranda on the ground floor complete with garden furniture and sun loungers and a slightly inclined ramp.

Komarewicz Family

A camping holiday with a wheelchair could never have been done, but with Campingselection, now we can!

Accessible with slightly inclined ramp. Large living room and kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, stove with 4 burners and hood.

2 Bedrooms. One bedroom with double bed and the other with two single beds at Camping Pra'delle Torri, or a bedroom with a double bed and the other with 3 beds (1 bed is suitable for children up to 10 years) to Camping San Francesco.

The bathroom has a shower and toilet. At Camping San Francesco there are two bathrooms, both adjacent to the bedrooms.

On the terrace on the ground floor there is plenty of space.

Why choose this accommodation?

Mobile homes in two campsites in Italy 
Easily accessible
1 or 2 bathrooms
Great kitchen

Camping Pra'delle Torri

Pra'delle Torri

7 nights arriving on 27-05-2018

Rating: 8.3
Based on 8 reviews
-14% £ 788
  • Mobile Home Deluxe Select 3 bedrooms A/C
  • Date of arrival Sun 27 May 2018
  • Duration 7 nights
  • 2 people
£ 676

Camping Pra'delle Torri

  • Super location directly at the beach
  • Biggest swimming paradise in Italy
  • Several bars and restaurants

Available accommodation

Selectcamp accommodation available

  • Mobile Home
Camping San Francesco

San Francesco

7 nights arriving on 26-05-2018

Rating: 8.9
Based on 9 reviews
-18% £ 515
  • Mobile home Happy Standard 2 bedrooms A/C
  • Date of arrival Sat 26 May 2018
  • Duration 7 nights
  • 2 people
£ 422

Camping San Francesco

  • Located by Lake Garda
  • Campsite for the whole family
  • Watch the video now!

Available accommodation

Camp2Relax accommodation available

  • Mobile Home
  • Glamping
  • Mobile home