Mobile homes Ardèche

Mobile homes Ardèche

Water, caves, lavender fields, markets and old villages, that is the Ardèche!

In the Ardèche, the river of the same name plays the main role. If you like a little action, you are completely at home here. Are you fighting the current with canoeing, kayaking or rafting? Are you going to cycle, walk or even climb? Or do you dive into a cave?

Explore the Ardèche in a kayak

You can not ignore it, the beautiful rock formations and coves formed by the water of the Ardèche. No better way to explore this area from the water. And that sometimes does not coincide with the strong current. Go with the steam easily, but then back ... Here grow your arm muscles! But you do not forget about such a kayak trip. Spectacular is the famous gap 'Gorges de l'Ardèche' and the naturally formed arch bridge the 'Pont d'Arc'. To do!

Caves in the Ardèche

Have you ever visited a cave? No? Then the Ardèche is the region par excellence to start with. Not to imagine that more than 30,000 years ago people made animal paintings in the Grotte Chauvet. Special! This cave is near the Pont d'Arc, so convenient to combine these trips. Would you like to see dripstone caves? The dripstone cave Aven D'Orgnac is also located near the Pont d'Arc. How was that again with stalactites and stalagmites?

Antique and brocante

The antique markets in the Ardèche are known for the charming French brocante but you can also find really beautiful antique items. Well-known Sunday markets can be found in Aubenas and Avignons. You have to be able, but haggling is part of the game!

Celebrating a holiday in a mobile home in the Ardèche

Do you enjoy camping but are you also interested in comfort? Then a mobile home is a good idea. Extra easy; you do not have to bring camping gear yourself because everything is ready for you. In the mobile home you have your own bathroom and your own kitchen with kitchen inventory. That is very comfortable! As soon as you get out of the car, your Ardèche holiday begins.

Reserve your mobile home in the Ardèche online at Campingselection

Our buyers visit all campsites in the Ardèche in person to find the best campsites for you. After all, it's all about the best weeks of the year: your vacation! We are very proud of our wide range of mobile homes. Experience for yourself how nice a holiday in a mobile home is and discover the Ardèche from your mobile home. You can easily book online. In a few steps you can assure yourself of a spot in the Ardèche.


Water sports on the Ardèche
Impressive cave systems
Rock formations and inlets
Medieval villages between the lavender fields
Tasty goat's cheese and chestnuts


Average summer temperature: 28 degrees


Age-old murals in caves


World famous: the natural arch bridge Pont d'Arc


Tasty goat cheeses such as Chevreton and Picodons