Fully equipped accommodation....

Do you want to enjoy the camping lifestyle but stay in comfortable accommodation? The bungalow is the ideal accommodation choice for you. 


You can choose from cabin in the woods, near a lake or maybe the sea. From a simple bungalow to a more luxurious type. The bungalows vary and are of different shapes and sizes. This comfortable accommodation will ensure your holiday is more enjoyable.

A bungalow means enjoying the outdoors with the convenience of a campsite, with the comfort of a cottage.

In the morning you can  throw open the doors for breakfast, lunch, drinks and a barbecue on the terrace complete with garden furniture.....  The children will love it! 

Inside you have plenty of space to cook, eat and relax. The bungalows are equipped with a practical kitchen and  of course a bathroom.

There are also several bedrooms. Bed linen is available for hire. 

Mr. Dickson

We spent a wonderful holiday. In the mornings we ate breakfast under the trees, it was a experience we won't forget

When booking a bungalow you can enjoy the outdoor life and atmosphere that the camping lifestyle offers. In the morning you can enjoy a relaxing breakfast outside or have a barbecue with friends in the evening. 

If enjoy cooking the bungalow has a practical kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. Also there are also several bedrooms and a large bathroom. The bungalows also have an outdoor area with garden furniture.