Glamping; the new craze in luxury camping...

Glamping is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to go camping but do not want to sacrifice comfort and luxury. Campingselection operates on several campsites in Europe featuring the Lodgetent and Lodgesuite for an unforgettable holiday! 

Glamping stands for 'glamorous camping'. And yes, it is certainly glamorous. It is designed for tourists who don’t want to give up on a little luxury. Try the Lodgesuite, a luxuriously furnished tent structure with a romantic four-poster bed and oval bath next to it...very chic. Not to mention the cosy lounge and modern kitchen. And the kids sleep in their own tent next door; the Junior Lodgetent.

Glamping: The forefront of Campingselection

Glamping is a trend Campingselection has been involved with from the very beginning. We have been innovators in developing a number of different types of glamping accommodation, such as the romantic Lodgesuite and the Airlodge, where you can stare endlessly at the sky from your bed. Innovation is the priority for Campingselection and we continue to adapt and develop our accommodation. So if you love to camp but enjoy a little more luxury and more comfort then book one of our types of glamping accommodation today!


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What a view from an Airlodge

The Airlodge has a striking appearance and is an innovative, comfortable accommodation. The children sleep on the ground floor in a cosy den of their own. Parents have a large double bed on the upper floor where you can gaze at the stars, thanks to the transparent roof which also has blackout blinds which can be easily closed. Downstairs there is also a kitchenette and a bathroom with shower and toilet that make this innovative accommodation complete.


Glamping in France

Are you fond of the typical French charm? Waking up with a warm croissant, ‘pain aux raisins’ and delicious fresh baguettes it’s quite understandable. Certainly there is no better way to enjoy a delicious breakfast except on the decking of your Lodgesuite or Lodgetent. Here in the evening you can also enjoy a pleasant dinner of cheeses and French wines.

Stargazing in the Airlodge

If you love watching the stars then the Airlodge is right for you. Laying comfortably on your bed you can see the sky while the kids sleep soundly downstairs. In addition, the kitchenette and bathroom with shower and toilet make this luxurious wooden structure even more complete.


Lodge Villages

Something nicer than staying in a Lodgesuite or Lodgetent is staying in a Lodge Village! The Lodge Village is in a sort of real 'village' in-camp, consisting of only Lodgetents and Lodgesuites creating a wonderful holiday atmosphere! You can find Lodge Villages in France at Camping Le Serignan Plage, and in Italy at Villagio Barricatta, Spina Camping Village, Orbetello Camping Village and Camping L'Ultima Spiaggia. All these sites have a great entertainment program and facilities. This is a real holiday; two birds with one stone.

Glamping Nature

Celebrate your holiday in a luxury glamping accommodation on a small campsite or holiday park. Enjoy nature, peace and space!

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Glamping Camping

Glamping Camping

Luxury glamping accommodation with private sanitary facilities in a beautiful, spacious place on a comfortable campsite.

Glamping Villages

A village of all our own Glamping accommodation. Organise a holiday with friends or family and stay in a glamping village this summer!

Glamping Experience

Experience glamping at its best by staying in a unique and famous accommodation!

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Glamping in the land of pizza and pesto

Italy is the land of pasta, pizza, pesto and delicious wines. How about sipping a fine Italian wine whilst sitting or lying on the terrace of your Glamping accommodation?

If you love the beach and the cuisine of the Adriatic Riviera, or the romantic and cultural cities of Tuscany, or the vibrant Lake Garda, pack your bags and come and spend your holiday in one of our resorts in Italy!