Holiday in Vosges - Alsace

Holiday in Vosges - Alsace

Hills, vineyards and castles...

Plains, hills, high mountains, castles, villages, and many, many vineyards dominate the landscape of Alsace. Fortunately there are several ways to get around; biking, canoeing, surfing or walking, because there really is that much to see!

Forests and Lakes

In this beautiful region, once strongly contested by Germany and France, you will discover regional parks des Vosges du Nord, forests, valleys and fields. The Regional Natural Park of Ballons des Vosgese also contains rare natural environments, such as high altitude pastures, bogs, fir trees, forests of oak and beech trees, the calcareous meadows, streams, lakes and ponds. Equally beautiful is the landscape around the mountain lake of Gerardmer. Canoeing, swimming, sailing and pedal boats on the water!

Castle with a view

Lake Gerardmer has two beaches and from here you can leave for Strasbourg. This city, the crossroads of continental Europe, is the seat of the European Parliament and the European Commission of Human Rights. With its turreted bridge, half-timbered houses and the beautiful cathedral of Notre Dame, Strasbourg boasts an enviable city centre. Also worth visiting is the city of Mulhouse, with the Bollwerk (a tower, left from the old fortifications), the Zoologique Parc Botanique and Temple Saint Etienne. If you still have time, we recommend that you see the bastion and the keep of the castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg, with an amazing view of the valley of the Rhine.

Holiday in Vosges - Alsace

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 25 degrees 


Historical highlights can be found in Strasbourg and Mulhouse 


Forest, bosser, bost: in the regional parks of the Vosges forest


Alsace: sauerkraut with pork


Blue pottery, Munster cheese, gingerbread, wines 

Holiday in Vosges - Alsace


Bergamot, macarons and Art Nouveau

Bergamot, macarons and Art Nouveau; Nancy city has a remarkable square surrounded by wrought iron gilded railings. Visit the Graffe Gate, a former prison in the oldest part of the fourteenth-century castle and Pepinière Park.

Holiday in Vosges - Alsace



Take a well-filled wallet to Strasbourg; not so much because of the expensive brands, but mostly because there are hundreds of small boutiques.  Shopping places in this city are Place des Halles, rue des Frères d'Alsace, the Arcades and Lafayette department store in the main square. 

Holiday in Vosges - Alsace



Fancy an educational day out? In the Aquarium-Museum in Nancy you can see 60 tanks housing species from the Amazon and the Red Sea! In addition to the tanks, there are also a number of collections of mammals and the museum has many exhibitions. 

Holiday in Vosges - Alsace


Vins d'Alsace in Colmar

Wine lovers can travel to Colmar for the ‘Foire aux Vins d'Alsace’. As the name suggests this is a place where you can taste great food and the best wines from the region; pinot blanc, pinot gris and Riesling. Also during this festival there are concerts with big names like Mika and Deep Purple.