Inland Slovenia

Inland Slovenia

Fine wines and beautiful cities. Slovenia has it all!..

Slovenia, south of the Alps, is famous for its beautiful unspoiled nature. A paradise for hikers! And for wine lovers, this land offers the best wines!

Green, green and more green

Slovenia offers unique and varied scenery. From: Giant Alps, deep valleys, wide open spaces, beautiful caves and the blue Adriatic Sea. Walking around here is fantastic as half the country is covered by forests and there are several National Parks. If you love the sea, why not organise a boat trip to Croatia?

The cosy Ljubljana

The Ljubljana is a city truly extraordinary. The crossroads of Eastern and Western culture offers many attractions: the Roman city of Emona, the old town with its medieval castle and the facades of Renaissance and Baroque period. An outdoor cafe, a glass of wine ... what a holiday!

Holiday in region Slovenia

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 25 degrees 


Lake Bled 


The high alpine peaks and beautiful coastline


Diplomatic cake with layers of puff pastry and a layer of sponge cake 


Crafts made out of wood


Wine road

The nature along the wine route of Jeruzalem, shines in every seasons with itst natural bright colors. The selection of high quality wines comes from these hills. What do you say then to a tasting?



Shopping in Slovenia is a real pleasure: the prices are lower than in Italy, the quality is guaranteed and the choice varied and interesting. In Ljubljana, in addition to large shopping centers in the suburbs, it is also recommended as you can shop in the boutiques of the city center, where guests can enjoy the products of big brands, original souvenirs and gift items. 

To see

Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave is a network of 20 kilometers of tunnels and rooms, it offers an extraordinary beauty of calcareous concretions, calcite sediments, stalagmites and stalactites of various shapes, color and age. It is the largest cave in the Classical Karst and at the same time also the most visited tourist cave in Europe. 

To taste

The potica

Slovenian cuisine is strongly affected by the influence of neighboring countries: Austria, Hungary and Italy. Each region has its own specialties. You may want to try the Potica, sweet rolled stuffed with ricotta, walnuts, honey, raisins, poppy and dried fruit.