Holiday in Sardinia

Holiday in Sardinia

A perfect getaway...

An Italian island means sun, sea and lots of beach. Sardinia has much more to offer; a pristine interior, small villages and a rich history.

Costa Smeralda

It’s hard to find any beaches as white as the sand and as blue as the sea here, it is truly amazing! There is no mass tourism and the beaches are sheer luxury. Costa Smeralda is known as the Gold Coast on this beautiful island, plus just ten minutes inland the green, hilly and quiet landscape is perfect for relaxation.

Pink flamingos

Further north, Sardinia's capital Cagliari is very special. Here you can stroll through the narrow streets, shopping and finding good food in a ‘trattoria’. If you go to the long sandy beach at Poetto, there are beautiful pink flamingos in the salt lakes. Also a nice places to visit are the authentic harbour towns of Nuoro and Alghero.

Holiday in Sardinia

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 28 degrees 


Agnello con finocchietti: braised lamb with wild fennel, onion and tomato


Grotte di Nettuno: the caves of Neptune in Alghero 


Spoons, trays and wine racks made of Cork


The Palazzo della Provincia in the city of Sassari 


Sardegna in Madurodam

Here you can Stroll through and enjoy the beautiful Views. Also a very nice place is the ‘Villaggio Nuragico a Nuraghe’, a village from thousands of years ago where you can still see how the people lived here so long ago. 


The Dolmen

The Dolmen are a type of megalithic construction very common in this region. In the ‘Valley of Nuraghs’ you will find castles called ‘Nuragici’, which, according to the scholars, were built around 1300 BC. These majestic buildings are a characteristic feature of this beautiful region. 

Holiday in Sardinia


Cagliari & Alghero

Sardinia is not a shopping Mecca; however, there are plenty of nice shops in Cagliari to entertain you for the day. Also in Alghero you can find some good shopping spots, especially for fashion and jewellery.



On this island the seafood is great and, of course, it’s always fresh! Try lobsters, crabs, anchovies, tuna, squid, shellfish and sardines accompanied by a great white wine.