Holiday in San Marino

Holiday in San Marino

Small but great!

San Marino is a small place but you can still have a great holiday. The charming, historic capital is surrounded by rugged, hilly landscape. Also the Adriatic coast is just a stone's throw away.

Three towers

Between Tuscany and the Adriatic coast lies the ancient, tiny state of San Marino containing the eponymous capital. The mini state definitely does not lag behind the neighbouring Italy; the historic centre of the city is even on the UNESCO World Heritage List! The city's symbol consists of three towers above it shines. It is certainly worthwhile to climb them because they offer a beautiful view of the surroundings and the Adriatic coast, which lies just 15 kilometres away.


San Marino is in the Apennines and has a rugged and hilly landscape, with the highest point of Monte Titano. Deciduous trees and beautiful flowers such as orchids, irises and cyclamen grow everywhere. Yet most tourists come to the old town, where the shopping is great. Not only because of the shops but also the tax climate is favourable and therefore the prices are somewhat lower. You will also find beautiful restaurants everywhere.

Holiday in San Marino

Straight to the offers

Beautiful, old Capital
Shop Walhalla
Hilly landscape
Close to the coast


Average summer temperature: 29 degrees


Treasures in the State Museum and the Museum of St Francis


Beautiful flowers and plants. San Marino's national flower is the Cyclamen


Bean stew, polenta and traditional red wine


Replicas of medieval weapons

Holiday in San Marino

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Holiday in San Marino

Centro Vacanze San Marino 

  • On a hill overlooking the Adriatic Riviera
  • Holiday with top facilities
  • Large pool with tropical island

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