Holiday in Rome - Lazio

Holiday in Rome - Lazio

The breathtaking Bolsena, famous for its huge volcanic crater...

Of course Rome is a fantastic city to visit, but Lazio has many more wonderful things to offer! Beaches, lakes and stunning landscapes filled with culture, this makes it the ideal place for a holiday.

Beach and relaxation

Compared to Rome, the rest of the region is an oasis of calm. The landscape is mostly flat and there are hills and some rivers. On the beaches it is often crowded, but you can visit beautiful lakes in Lazio; Bracciano, Bolsena and Albano. Here it is quieter than on the coast. The breathtaking Lake Bolsena, the largest volcanic lake in Europe, is located in a gigantic volcanic crater. It is very special to see and beautiful to swim in.

Old and authentic

A visit to Rome really is a must, even with the kids. There is so much to experience; if you want a historic adventure then go to Tivoli (Roman buildings) or the medieval artists’ village of Calcata. South of Rome you’ll find the 'Castelli Romani'; wonderful old villas and picturesque villages such as Frascati, famous for the delicious white wine. While you're here on a terrace sipping your glass you can see our distant Rome. Magnifico! 


Average summer temperature: 30 degrees 


Juicy black olives from Gaeta and artichokes in Rome 


Cerveteri, Viterbo, Tuscania and Tarquinia: Etruscan civilization remains


Circeo National Park with birds, animals and beautiful beaches 


A miniature Colosseum or a keychain with a picture of the Pope


Gladiator school

In Rome, you can take everyone over six years old to the gladiator school. You get a gladiator tunic and practice with a sword to fight. After the lesson you will take part in a gladiator tournament! This is always a great hit with the kids.


Artichoke & Ladispoli Festivals

Artichoke festivals are held in Rome where, in April, Roman vegetables are prepared in various ways. Another very nice festival is the Ladispoli where your eyes glare forward to all the beautiful decorations. Visit Carciofo and sample the most delicious meals there.



In Rome you can shop till you drop; go to the department stores, markets (eg Campo dei Fiori) and you can find Italian haute couture on sale around Condotti, Via Pietro and Via Frattina. 


Volcanic Ponza Island

Sail from Formia on a two-hour boat trip to the volcanic Ponza island, which consists of the crater of an extinct volcano. A beautiful sight, as it is in the azure sea and a quiet place to go snorkelling and diving.