Holiday in region Hungary

Budapest and surroundings

Budapest, Szeged and wild horses in Puszta...

Have you considered a holiday to Hungary? It will certainly be a popular choice for all the family as there is room for both activities and a relaxing holiday. Relax for example in the thermal baths, enjoy nature, shop till you drop and go sightseeing in Budapest and Szeged.

Many choices

Hungary is situated on the Danube and surrounded by Karpaten, and the country is twice as large as the Netherlands, but has only has a population of 10 million. You can relax and enjoy the sun and a good book at Lake Balaton and Savar lake.

Stroll through Szeged

Outside the capital, you will find beautiful architecture, for example Roman ruins and medieval palaces of Baroque churches. Go through Kecskemét, Szombathely or Koszeg and you will find, on every street corner, an architectural gem. Szeged is found in the south and has a lovely central square with many fantastic cafes.

Holiday in region Hungary

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 22 degrees 


National Gallery: the oldest part of the castle in Budapest 


Ten national parks and wild horses in Puszta 


Kolbász (salami) and paprikas krumpli (potatoes with paprika) 


For the kitchen: a beautiful pepper mill


Relaxation in spa

Hungary is known for its thermal baths and spas. Also discover Budapest which is a really beautiful city with a great history.


World class shopping

Budapest is the right place to shop and experience the cultural initiatives. There is a bridge over the Danube connecting Buda and Pest in the best way. In this beautiful city there is plenty to experience. Visit for example, The Palace. 


Caves of Hungary

Hungary has a dark secret - for there is about 3,000 caves. Additionally, there are five national parks: Aggtelek-Josvafo, Bükk, Boedapest, the Balaton Hooglanden and South Transdanubië. Four of the caves are open to the public to visit. 



In Szeged, there is always something to do. Open-Air Festival in July and August attracts many tourists. There are plenty of shows and entertainment.