Holiday Holland

Holiday in Holland

Cheese, tulips, windmills and clogs...

This beautiful country is rich in history, art and traditions. In addition offering stunning beaches and many cycle paths.

A coastline of 451 km

The coast is wonderful here, the beaches are white and is located near Callantsoog. The Dune Loonse and Drunense  areas are unique, with  moorlands, forests and ponds..... You will not be bored!

Cities and towns 

Tourists from all over the world visit Holland for its tulips, windmills and beautiful ancient cities.  If you love art and culture then a trip to Amsterdam, Leiden, Delft, Groningen and Maastricht they will amaze you..... If you enjoy nature?  then the lake and marshy area of  Oostvaardersplassen is unique. In this area you can find many species of birds animals and insects. 

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Holiday in Holland

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Capital: Amsterdam
Population: 16.8 million
Area: 37,354 km2
Highest point: Vaalserberg, 322.7 meters
Language: Dutch

Culinary Delights

Special Dutch toast

An easy recipe for a traditional Dutch breakfast!

1 egg, 2 tsp vanilla sugar, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 cup milk, 8 slices of white bread and 40 g of butter or margarine.

Whisk the eggs, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and milk. Grab the crusts of bread. Take the bread slices and dip them one by one into the mixture. Heat the butter in a frying pan and when it starts to sizzle, put the toast to cook until they are golden brown on both sides. Serve with sugar and cinnamon.
To vary this recipie: try the toast with a  a little 'honey and a scoop of ice cream?