Holiday in Eifel

Holiday in Eifel

Beautiful volcanoes and Vennbahn: Welcome to the Eifel

Forests and river valleys the Eifel area is a natural paradise.

Enjoy your family holiday with the option to discover the area by bike or foot? 

Natural  parks and timber houses

Part of the North Eifel is designated as the national park Eifel. Visit its four nature reserves: Venn-Eifel, Rhineland, South Eifel, and volcanic Eifel.

It is also an ideal destinations for hiking.  Why not visit one of the interesting medieval towns in the Eifel? 

Cycle track Vennbahn

The Vennbahn runs between Aachen in the north and the Luxembourg Ulfingen in the south. The former railway line is an attractive long cycle route leading to a section of Belgium.

 With an average gradient of only 2% on the bike path is flat and  it is suitable for children - sure to be a highlight of your family holiday.

 The Vennbahn offers the opportunity to experience   beautiful cities such as Kornelimünster, Raeren or Monschau along the way . 


Average summer temperature: 24˚C 


The Aachen Cathedral is the largest church in Northern Europe 

Animals can be found in natural surroundings.....

Wild cats and beavers can be found  in the national park Eifel 


Premium ham from the region of Eifel


Excellent photo opportunities. 


Get active!

The magnificent mountain landscape in the Eifel  area is perfect for a family holiday. Cycling on the bike path through RurUfer, the Eifel-altitude route and the Vennbahn is popular .  Why not Hike through beautiful, and  almost untouched natural areas or play golf along the country's borders?  Not forgetting  sailing and canoeing are also possible to do.


Aachen and markets

Aachen is the place to find a large choice of clothes shops. In Prüm you can find lots of interesting flea markets. The flea market is one of the most beautiful and visited in Eifel. 


In the fast lane....

Nuremberg Ring is one of the longest racetracks in the world. Drive your own car at this legendary circuit  or book in to sit with an experienced racing car driver  and take  a thrilling ride round the track?!!! 


Nuremberg ring festival

Tickets for the legendary rock festival which takes place in Nuremberg Ring are popular -  where bands such as U2 and many more have appeared.

 It is definitely worth visiting if you are nearby!