Holiday Belgian Limburg

Holiday in Belgian Limburg

A warm atmosphere awaits ......

You would never get bored here  Belgian Limburg there is so much to do and so much on offer ! With fun attractions, great food and not to mention beautiful natural surroundings. 

Mosaic Flanders and an excellent destination for family holidays 

If you travel to Limburg then you must take a visit to Hasselt. It has a unique Belgian atmosphere with many cafes and restaurants to choose from -  enjoy ‘the good life’.

It is a fashionable city where you can shop to your heart’s content. The artistic city of Liege has a very different atmosphere, but is also well worth a visit. The same is certainly true for Beringen, which is famous for its mines.

Family friendly Flanders

Scenery ...  so beautiful and diverse ! These areas make up  part of the Kempen region. It is stunning wherever you look with large lakes, vast pine forests and hills to enjoy the breathtaking scenery .....

Holiday in Belgian Limburg

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature of about 21˚C 


Buregel Museum in Peer - there is a treasure hunt for children 


National Park Hoge Kempen: pine forests, marshes and lakes 


Taste Salon in Hasselt, a treat for the whole family 


Hasselt gin, biscuits and chocolate


Experience the open air museum

Discover Bokrijk best known for it's "Open Air Museum".



Zoervleisj is a specialty of Limburg and is a form of cured meat.

Order it in a restaurant or as a snack with fries? 


Town festivals

Every year in October there is a  festival in Hasselt.

Hasselt has a celebrates gin, music, activities, parades, markets and delicious food.


Great shopping

Visit the fashionable city of Hasselt, where you can shop until  you drop!!

 There are plenty of beautiful buildings, fashionable shops and goldsmiths. 

There is also an interesting  museum for some culture.