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Hospitality and culture!

Hot summer temperatures, delicious food and drink, cultural activities are all within easy reach if choose to holiday in Hungary.

Hospitality and culture

Hungary is the country of goulash and pusztas and, if you are going on holiday to this particular country, you will soon discover that it has much more to offer. More and more people from the UK and Ireland go to Hungary and enjoy the beautiful weather, the hospitality and culture. The bustling Budapest, with all its sights, thermal baths and relatively low cost are all factors that make Hungary an ideal holiday destination.


Many walkers and cyclists come to the hilly landscape but the greatest attraction of Hungary is really Balaton Lake. Called "Hungarian Sea" it is the largest lake in Europe, which becomes very evident when you actually see it! The beaches on the south side are ideal to visit with young children; no high waves and a shoreline that slopes gradually. A great spot to stay, whether you want to relax in the sun, go swimming or try water sports.

Do not miss:

  • The Roman mosaic floors and ceiling paintings in the Hungarian National Museum.  
  • Hiking in the Buda Hills and Margaret Island. 
  • Swimming in Annagora Aqua Park
  • The hospitality of the Puszta experience - good food, dancing, partying 
  • The Baradla cave - UNESCO World Heritage Site in Aggtelek.

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