Holidayparks in Luxembourg

Holiday parks in Luxembourg

Castles, wild waterfalls and underground worlds, this is Luxembourg!

Green hills, open plains, towering rock formations, canyons and rivers. Land which is unexpectedly beautiful and waiting to be discovered....Choose a holiday in Luxembourg....

Scenic landscapes 

Lakes, picturesque villages, castles, meandering rivers, hills and forests.

This beautiful area is a paradise for lovers of outdoor sports. Miles of hiking trails off the beaten track to explore on foot or by bicycle. Do not miss Vianden. This town is dominated by its beautiful castle which offers fascinating views of the entire valley. If you are in the company of children we recommend the Indian Forest Park, an adventure park in the trees located in Les Moutiers Maufaits (Vendée).

Village underground

The Mullerthal region, also called  "little Switzerland" offering rocky cliffs, forests, mountains, charming villages and the highest waterfall in the country, the Schiessentümpel.

Thirty kilometeres away is the city of Luxembourg. 

Here under the Habsburg rule an underground world was developed,with casemates and twenty miles of underground tunnels, a great line of military defense which  housed the soldiers.  It was a  real underground village complete with bakeries, butcher shops and stores of weapons.

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Holiday parks in Luxembourg

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Average summer temperatures: 22 degrees
Capital: Luxembourg city
400 kilometers of natural parks
Population: 531, 441

Our recommendations for Luxembourg:

Culinary Delights


The Bouneschlupp: bean soup is one of the most popular dishes of the area.

650 g of fresh green beans, 1 bunch of savory, 5 medium potatoes, 2 l vegetable broth, 50 g butter, 2 ½ tablespoons flour, vinegar, pepper and salt

Take the beans and cook them along with two litres of salty vegetable broth for about 45 minutes over medium heat. Meanwhile, peel the potatoes and cut into cubes. With the butter and flour to prepare a roux (thickener for soups), which is then mixed in the soup. Add the potatoes and cook for another quarter of an hour. Season with vinegar, salt and pepper.