Holiday parks in Sardinia

Holiday parks in Sardinia

A perfect getaway along the beaches....

Sardinia is incredibly versatile and each area has its strengths. From your Holiday Village you can reach the beautiful cities and idyllic beaches.

Caribbean - but in Italian style

The beaches here are so white and the water so blue, which gives of the feeling of being in the Caribbean but with the unmistakable Italian style. The Holiday Villages are situated just a stone's throw from these paradisiacal landscapes. You can also visit some of the famous islands of the Maddalena, called the "seven sisters." There is a very interesting boat trip along the coast of the National Park.

The Sardinian cuisine

Sardinian cuisine is known for its simple and natural ingredients. With something as simple as the grain produced here, it makes for wonderful dishes such as ‘malloreddus culurgiones’. In addition, the surrounding sea is rich with fish. Try the restaurants in the area or try your Holiday Village restaurant for ‘lobster Alghero’, ‘bottarga di Cabras’ and ‘Carloforte’. To wash it all down, you can enjoy a good glass of wine, such as Vermentino di Gallura.

Holiday parks in Sardinia

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 28 degrees 


The Palazzo della Provincia in the city of Sassari 


Grotte di Nettuno: the caves of Neptune in Alghero 


Agnello con finocchietti: braised lamb with wild fennel, onion and tomato 


Spoons, trays and wine racks made of Cork


Sardinia in Madurodam

Here you can stroll through and enjoy the beautiful views. Also a very nice place is the ‘Villaggio Nuragico a Nuraghe’, a village from thousands of years ago where you can still see how the people lived here so long ago. 

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The Dolmen

The Dolmen are a type of megalithic construction very common in this region. In the ‘Valley of Nuraghs’ you will find castles called ‘Nuragici’, which, according to the scholars, were built around 1300 BC. These majestic buildings are a characteristic feature of this beautiful region. 


Cagliari & Alghero

Sardinia is not a shopping Mecca; however, there are plenty of nice shops in Cagliari to entertain you for the day. Also in Alghero you can find some good shopping spots, especially for fashion and jewellery.



On this island the seafood is great and, of course, it’s always fresh! Try lobsters, crabs, anchovies, tuna, squid, shellfish and sardines accompanied by a great white wine.