Holiday parks on Lake Iseo

Holiday parks on Lake Iseo

Lake Iseo is the jewel of the Italian Lakes, yet to be discovered!

Lake Iseo is located in a beautiful and peaceful place where you will find plenty to do. From your holiday village it is about an hour's drive you can reach the city of Verona.

Nature and relaxation

Besides the famous Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, there is also the beautiful Lake Iseo which is just as spectacular. In this area, beyond the beaten track, you can leave the resort to discover special places. What an adventure! 
This is also the land of the great food, such as fish from the lake and the great dishes of meat and cheese mountain. Then there is the famous wine of Franciacorta, known throughout Italy and Europe.

A day at the beach or a trip?

There is so much to do here. For lovers of sport and physical activity you can enjoy sailing, diving, kitesurfing. For lovers of relaxation, however, you can laze on the beach or in your own fully equipped tourist village. 
For those who love the mountains you can go mountain climbing or mountain biking and walk the various trails in the area. In addition, those wishing to make cultural trips can visit monasteries, ancient churches, Roman cities and museums. A short distance away, about an hour's drive, you'll be in the beautiful city of Verona. This city is famous for its beautiful historical centre and arena. 
Also be on the side that the side Brescia Bergamo Lake Iseo offers beautiful beaches.

Holiday parks on Lake Iseo

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 28 degrees


Piazza del Foro di Brescia: the remains of a Roman fort


Nature Reserve "Marshes of the Lake", peaty fens and lagoons


Seafood risotto at Ristorante Monte Isola


Souvenir for home - Local red fruit jams


Ferry to Monte Isola

We recommend a ferry trip to Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Italy and the highest in Europe, reached 600 feet in height. Do not miss the historic center of Peschiera Maraglio and authentic Carzano. The time has stopped here, it seems that way anyway.


Trattoria del Gallo and Two Doves

The market Rovato which  started as a cattle market  is still very popular. In the square you can still enjoy excellent quality meat. The restaurants Trattoria del Gallo and Two Doves are highly recommended!


Shops and markets

The Long Lake Iseo is lined with shops and boutiques but if you are  looking for more choice the centre of Brescia has everything you would want.  It here  every second Sunday of the month there is an antiques market in Piazza Vittoria.


The Pyramids

The Pyramids of erosion zone phenomena are one of nature's most curious and interesting ‘Vallecamonica’ and are deep in Lake Iseo. These strange rocks reach up to 30m in height and are shaped by the erosive action of the water.