Residence Porto Sole

Residence Porto Sole

Apartment 2 bed airco

7 nights with an arrival from 30-06-2018

  • Apartment 2 bed airco
  • Date of arrival Sat 30 June 2018
  • Duration 7 Nights
  • Number of people
€ 881
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Private access to the beach
Venice just 10 km away
And more...
Beautiful residence on the Adriatic coast
Swimming pool
Beautiful sea views

Private access to the beach

Very close to Venice this beautiful holiday residence with large swimming pool and a great view of the sea. On the headland of Venice, right on the beach, there is a unique apartment complex Residence Porto Sole.

The resort is an ideal destination for holidays with children. Entwined with flower beds full of Mediterranean flowers is the large pool (with children's pool and sunbathing area). From here you have a fantastic view of the sea with its sandy beach.

The Residence Porto Sole, a unique complex on the sea

In the apartment complex, there are 3-bedroom apartments available, all of which are located either on the ground or 1st floor. In addition, one of each apartment balcony or a little garden; a stone grill is there as well. Directly from the plant have access to your private access to the beautiful Adriatic beach.

The Residence Porto Sole is of course in itself is a great place to relax, but we strongly recommend that you also once to look at the lively town Cavallino. Sit down there on a nice café terraces and order a sundae - there is definitely immediately real holiday mood! You can also enjoy the fantastic Italian food in the restaurants, of which there are so many beautiful Cavallino.

Culture sniff near the Residence Porto Sole

The Residence Porto Sole is also a perfect base for a day trip to romantic Venice, because the ferry is a mere 10 km away. From there, take part in an unforgettable gondola tour or explore on a walk through the narrow streets of the beauty of this cosmopolitan city. Enjoy the sun and the beach and sniff you additionally also culture! Holiday fun for the whole family, see the Residence Porto Sole quite near Venice.
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