Holiday parks in French Alpes

Holiday parks in French Alpes

In green pastures you can see ibex, mouflon and chamois ...

During your stay in one of the resorts of the French Alps, you will enjoy the fresh air and pure mountain! Wherever you looking out onto the beautiful mountains, green meadows and coniferous forests.

Beautiful views

The French Alps is the most western part of the Alps, with very high peaks. The highest is of course the Mont Blanc (4810 meters). L'Alpe d'Huez (1860 m), located in this mountainous region, is a ski resort is also known by the Tour de France; is the ideal destination for winter holidays but also for the summer if you want to get a breath of fresh air and admire the beautiful view of the white peaks and pine forests.

Natural Parks

If you like your sport or exercise, you should make your holiday more eventful with long walks or dizzy climbing. How about trying to do rafting, kayaking and canoeing in one of the rivers of the region? 
You will also find beautiful natural parks in the French Alps, where ibex, chamois and mouflon sheep grazing in green fields. In addition, easily accessible from the resorts, there are picturesque mountain villages such as Bonneval-sur-Arc, bustling cities such as Annecy and spas as Evian-les-Bains.

Holiday parks in French Alpes

Straight to the offers

Average summer temperature: 27 degrees 


Medieval villages, ancient fortifications, ramparts and castles


Being 4,810 meters high Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps 


The Tour de France, get up close and personal with the riders


For a beautiful dish choose tartiflette, bacon, potatoes, Reblochon cheese and cream. This is a truly delicious meal


Visit Barcellonette

The lovely city of Barcellonette is located in the center of the Valley Ubaye, surrounded by high mountains. Special features of this town are the houses in Mexican style. The ramparts of the fort of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries offer magnificent views to admire the village, the valley and the Alpine range.


Rue du Rhône

The ‘Rue du Rhône’ in Geneva is famous for souvenirs and of course for designer clothes. You will find an abundance of shops in this beautiful city. 


Medieval village of Yvoire

Visit the medieval village of Yvoire  in Lake Geneva, with its gates and ramparts. The centre is full of flowers and quaint streets or maybe visit the Garden of Five Senses within the castle where  you will find a maze of plants, with its beautiful colours and scents. 


Cheese specialties

One of the many specialties of the region is cheese, such as Banon, Reblochon de Savoie, Gruyère, Beaufort, to name a few....  For a truly traditional regional dish  go for the ‘tartiflette’ with bacon, potatoes, Reblochon cheese and cream. Delicious!