Camping in Switzerland

Camping in Switzerland

Large glaciers, beautiful lakes and high peaks...

For a holiday in the mountains try Switzerland; snowy peaks, bright sky, glaciers and green alpine meadows.

On the mountain top

All around you see high mountain tops; some covered with snow and others disappearing into the clouds. In the fresh green Alpine Meadows there are wooden houses, small mountain villages and sometimes there are more cows than people. It is truly beautiful.

Large glaciers

The largest glaciers in Europe are in Switzerland and along the rivers there are acres of vineyards. The campsites are located in the vicinity of the mountain lakes where there is no better place to relax. In Geneva you can go shopping, walk through parks or walk along the lake. If you want to try the Swiss cuisine we recommend Gruyere cheese, Raclette, Fondue and Walliser asparagus.

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Camping in Switzerland

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Capital: Bern
Population: 7,996,026 
Area: 41,285 km2
Highest point: Matterhorn is 4478 meters
Language: German, French, Italian and Romansh

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Culinary Delights

Swiss cheese fondue

Ingredients: 300 g Emmental, Gruyere 500g, 3.5 dl of white wine, 2 teaspoons cornstarch, garlic, pepper, nutmeg, 2 tablespoons Kirsch (liqueur), 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.

Cut the cheese into small cubes. Rub with the garlic caquelot (pan), stir in the cornstarch with the wine and heat over very low heat. Slowly add the cheese with the lemon juice. Cook until the mixture has got a soft and creamy consistency. Finally add the kirsch and season to taste with spices.